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World Bank

For more than two decades, ExpertBank has been one of the largest financial services groups around the world. The bank provides corporate, SME, personal and personal (retail) banking services to more than 18 million customers, served through various channels: more than 1,000 business offices and customer contact points (2,539 vending machines tickets, 24,168 outlets, robust online and mobile banking services, social media, etc.) In addition, ExpertBank offers pension custody and related services. We have proven expertise and capacity in key sectors of economies particularly in oil and gas, infrastructure finance, agriculture and commodities / export. Our footprint in Europe positions us as a preferred partner for structured solutions to major governments and companies operating in Europe and the rest of the world.

Our objective

With 2 decades of experience and with a capital of 451,700,000.00 €, we have provided top quality financial services to small businesses, corporations, governments, institutions and individuals around the world. We are present in Europe, America, Oceania, Asia and Africa. Above all, we want to be a model for financial companies by creating superior value for all our stakeholders, by respecting the strictest professional and ethical standards and by building a sustainable, dominant and undisputed benchmark financial institution in the world. .

Lisa Green - CMO
Dr. KLAUS REGLING — Founder & CEO.

Our performance

At ExpertBank, we realize that our people remain our most valuable asset. Our people are our competitive advantage in a highly dynamic and competitive banking environment. We have invested in the best performance management systems to ensure our people always have the cutting edge skills to excel at what they do.

Our multicultural, multilingual staff with diverse perspectives reflects the richness and diversity of the 70 countries in which we operate. Our personnel strategy is based on the constant search for the best employees and the creation of an environment conducive to their excellence. Their job is to delight customers, hence their nickname the “Lions and Lionesses of Finance”, which is a testament to the confidence with which they provide financial solutions to the bank’s customers.

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Jack Lee

Commercial Director


Zoya Hank

Responsible for user experience


Alex Jones

Head of Financial Management


Chris Parker

Marketing Director and Market Manager


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