Frequently Asked Questions

Like many consumers, you have questions. ExpertBank accompanies you and helps you by answering all your questions.

Bank Account

The opening of an account is subject to acceptance by ExpertBank. You must also meet the following minimum eligibility conditions:

– be a natural person, residing in Europe or not, a capable adult;
– open an account as an individual;
– justify a minimum income of 800 € monthly for the opening of a current account.
– justify a minimum income of 1000 € monthly for the opening of a joint account.

At ExpertBank, opening an online bank account is free. And all the essential daily banking services too.

You will receive your bank card by registered mail a few days after the effective opening of your ExpertBank account.


ExpertBank offers several consumer loans online:

– the personal loan: this allows the financing of various projects such as a trip, a wedding, high-tech equipment, etc.
– the Works Credit: this is a credit adapted to your housing projects (works, decoration, development, etc.)
– the Auto Credit: this allows the financing of the following vehicles: 2 wheels, new car, used or ecological
A credit commits you and must be repaid. Check your repayment capacity before you commit.

At ExpertBank, no administration fees!

The monthly payments are taken directly from your checking account. You can choose the date, that is to say the date on which you wish to repay your monthly loan. Subsequently and at any time, you can modify the date by requesting it by mail to ExpertBank With the consumer loan, depending on your financial situation, you have the possibility of:
– suspending your monthly payments for a certain time,
– modifying the amount of your repayments,
– repay your consumer loan early.


Yes, your savings are available when you want them.

ExpertBank offers you a set of personalized savings solutions. Find our full range as well as the rates of remuneration.

You can transfer the following savings accounts: Home Savings Plan, Home Savings Account, Financial Instruments Account securities lines and Action Savings Plan. Just tell your bank!


You have access to all of ExpertBank’ insurance offers: Life insurance, Auto insurance, Home insurance.

You burned yourself, you had a fall on your bike … ExpertBank helps you cope with the vagaries of life by offering you Life Accident Protection. Thus, you are covered in the event of an accident of everyday life. Hospitalization, permanent disability, death following an accident, a capital is paid to the insured or to a designated beneficiary. The subscription is simple, without medical formalities and the taking into account is immediate!

We suggest that you be contacted by a specialist in order to choose the formula and options best suited to your needs. Find the reminder form once connected to your customer area, in the “Insurance” section.


It’s simple, if you want to switch from one card to another, all you have to do is provide us with a new proof of income via your email, subject to the eligibility conditions.

The secret code of your bank card will be sent to you by mail. You will receive it in a separate envelope from the bank card within a few days of opening your ExpertBank account.

You will receive your bank card by registered mail a few days after the effective opening of your ExpertBank account.

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