Home Insurance

Your home protected with the best coverage

Each accommodation has its own insurance. ExpertBank adapt to your needs

24/7 assistance

24/7 home assistance from the first moment.

Insurance for everyone and easy to take out

Whether you are a homeowner or a tenant, get your insurance in 5 minutes.

Free locksmith

If you lose your keys, call us, changing the lock is free.

Payment flexibility

Choose how to pay for your home insurance: quarterly, semi-annually or annually

For each problem, its assistance

In the event of a claim, the contact details of qualified craftsmen are available to you 24/7 to avoid any unpleasant surprises! On the assistance side, ExpertBank supports you in your troubleshooting, repair or even moving operations. And if the loss is too large, do not hesitate to ask us for a cash advance to cover basic costs.

Enjoy the benefits of your account

ExpertBank offers you several advantages as soon as you open your online bank account. Open your account and take advantage of the welcome offer.

Welcome offer

Take advantage of a Free Visa card and € 50 offered when opening your account.

Customer support

An advisor is dedicated to you during and after opening your account.

Maximum security

Our encryption standards ensure maximum security.

Quality commitment

We are committed to taking care of all your requests within 48 hours.

Terms and conditions

Discover the general conditions related to insurance at ExpertBank.

  • Conditions of eligibility

Home insurance, for whom?

Home insurance can be taken out by any adult natural person

And how ?

To benefit from your home insurance, you must open a current or joint account ExpertBank. It’s free, and so is his bank card.

  • Withdrawal

You have a withdrawal period of 14 calendar days from the day of your subscription.


  • Insurance guarantees

For you and your belongings

– Fire and similar events;
– Water damage ;
– Theft and vandalism;
– Climatic events, natural and technological disasters;
– Broken glass ;
– Public liability ;
– Criminal defense and recourse following an accident;

Insurance FAQ

You have access to all of ExpertBank’ insurance offers: Life insurance, Auto insurance, Home insurance.

You burned yourself, you had a fall on your bike … ExpertBank helps you cope with the vagaries of life by offering you Life Accident Protection. Thus, you are covered in the event of an accident of everyday life. Hospitalization, permanent disability, death following an accident, a capital is paid to the insured or to a designated beneficiary. The subscription is simple, without medical formalities and the taking into account is immediate!

We suggest that you be contacted by a specialist in order to choose the formula and options best suited to your needs. Find the reminder form once connected to your customer area, in the “Insurance” section.