Three types of card with benefits tailored to your needs

Benefit from bank cards

Visa Classic, Visa Premier, Visa Infinite : find out which one suits you best according to your needs so that you have your money when you want it and with discounts on major brands.

Visa classic credit card

The money you withdraw from ATMs and the purchases you make are debited from your account at this time.

Visa premier credit card

Choose how to pay for your purchases and the money you withdraw from ATMs. All at the end of the month or funded in installments.

Visa infinite credit card

For your purchases, it is immediately debited from your account. You have the choice between: all at the end of the month or financed.

Customer benefits related to credit cards

Learn all about our types of credit cards. Compare ExpertBank credit cards to choose the one that meets your needs.

Visa classic

€ 0


Visa premier

€ 69


Visa infinite

€ 240


Become a customer in just 4 steps wherever you are

Fill in your details

To be a customer, we need to hear from you. Fill in your details and choose your access code. Have your DNI or NIE handy.

Confirm your identity

No need to move. Provide the number of your bank account from another bank and confirm your identity.

Sign your request

We send you an SMS with a security code, to access your contract and that you can sign it online.

Activate your account

Make your first payment to activate your account and receive your free Visa card.

Our next credit cards

ExpertBank will make available to its customers new credit cards without withdrawal limits with other advantages and accessible anywhere in the world. We strive for the satisfaction of our customers.

Services and Benefits

Discover the services and advantages linked to ExpertBank bank cards.

  • Withdrawal

In the euro zone : Free

Withdrawals from partner banks around the world: free

Withdrawals abroad
Outside the euro zone, you can also withdraw free of charge from our partner banks, present in some fifty countries.

  • Income conditions

To obtain a Visa Preticeas card, you must justify a minimum income of 800 € monthly.

  • Payment

Thanks to contactless payment, your daily purchases have never been so quick! The amount is less than 30 euros? No need to enter your confidential code, all you have to do is affix your card to the compatible payment terminal for a few seconds.

Secure online
Shop online with peace of mind with the free “Verified by Visa” security system. It’s simple ! To validate a transaction, a code is sent to you by SMS. You are protected at all times against fraudulent use of your bank card.

Visa FAQ

It’s simple, if you want to switch from one card to another, all you have to do is provide us with a new proof of income via your email, subject to the eligibility conditions.

The secret code of your bank card will be sent to you by mail. You will receive it in a separate envelope from the bank card within a few days of opening your ExpertBank account.

You will receive your bank card by registered mail a few days after the effective opening of your ExpertBank account.