Your future starts with 25 €
With a securities savings plan in small steps towards big fortunes

Provision for old age, housing, children, financial independence – there are many reasons to save. But how? One of the most effective and at the same time the simplest forms of wealth accumulation is securities savings plans.

Step by step towards the savings plan

1. Open an account

Open your free securities account with just a few details. This forms the basis of a savings plan.

2. Select a savings plan

Compose your individual savings plan. You can adjust this at any time.

3. Create wealth

With regular payments and income, your assets accumulate automatically.

3 Good Reasons For The Savings Plan

The savings plan gives you financial flexibility similar to that of a calling account. The savings plan is subject to fluctuations in the exchange rate, which offers the possibility of higher income and is therefore also suitable for savers and retirement provision.


Once created you don't have to worry about anything if you want to. Assets are created automatically on the basis of a fixed savings rate.


Whether it is funds, ETFs, stocks or ETCs / certificates. With the savings plan you have the choice. A savings plan can be started, adjusted or stopped at any time free of charge.


Unlike many other financial products, particularly in the field of old age provident insurance, the savings plan is not linked: as with a demand payment account, your money is readily available.

Start your savings

Saving is:

  1. Give you basic security to deal with the unexpected.
  2. Get rid of the debts that plague you.
  3. Enable you to look to the future with confidence.

Terms and conditions

Find out about the general conditions linked to the savings account at ExpertBank

  • Conditions of eligibility

The ExpertBank booklet, for whom?

The ExpertBank booklet can be opened by any natural person, capable adult or unemancipated minor, resident in France or not.

And how ?

To open your ExpertBank account you must open a current or joint ExpertBank account. It’s free, and so is his bank card.

  • Taxation

You don’t even have to lift a finger!

The remuneration is at a rate of 2% net of taxes and social contributions. Interest earned is paid on December 31 of each year and itself becomes interest bearing.

  • The interests

In details

The sums paid bear interest from the first day of the fortnight following the payment or transfer (the 16th of the same month or the 1st of the following month). The sums withdrawn cease to bear interest from the first day of the fortnight during which the withdrawal occurs (either the 1st or the 16th).

The wise advice

For optimal investment of your savings, make your payments shortly before the 16th or 1st of the month and your withdrawals shortly after the 15th or 30th!

  • Closing of the booklet

You can close the ExpertBank booklet at any time and for free!